First Steps To Improve Your Accessibility


First steps to improve your accessibility


Do you know where to start when wanting to improve the accessibility of your business. How do you prioritise what the most important facilities or measures to concentrate on to be more inclusive for all your customers? Is it: The entrance to your venue; Layout of the inside of your venue; Menus or customer guides; Accessible toilets? There are so many requirements that individual customers might have, so understandably, it might feel a little overwhelming thinking of everything that needs to be done and knowing where best to commence.

A great place to start is by mapping out your customer journey. This will help you visualise all the different touch points you have with your customers in both a digital and physical environment. Only through understanding how your customers interact with your organisation, will you be able to begin to benchmark and improve on the accessibility and customer experience.

The next, and most important aspect in mapping the accessibility of your business, is to speak to your customers. Ask how they feel about your accessibility. Listen to their thoughts and feedback, then evaluate it all and start to develop a plan of how you will be more accessible. Try and ensure you cover a broad range of customers with different abilities and potential challenges to help you being to understand the whole picture. It doesn’t always have to be big changes when making improvements, sometimes the smallest differences can make the biggest difference.

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