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What is a venue virtual experience?

It is a virtual overview of your location that allows any potential visitor to virtually explore your venue and the facilities or services on offer. It is a combination of a virtual tour, an access guide, customer journey mapping and customer way-finding in one accessible online format. By building in all your access information within the virtual experience, you can develop a more inclusive business and improve your customer experience.

Inclusive virtual experiences will widen your audience and build trust with your potential visitors.

A venue for this purpose includes locations such as hotels, stadiums, music venues, transport hubs, shopping centres, and public locations.
Any area where people can visit should have accurate access information to create a customer-focused place for all to enjoy.
Access information should be easy to understand and allow anyone the opportunity to fully understand the layout of your venue before they arrive.

Develop the essential access information visitors are looking for.

Venues play such an important part of many peoples lives and for many people with enhanced access requirements, having the confidence to visit these locations can transform their lives.
Inclusive Virtual Experiences have been uniquely developed by us to work with you to map out this customer journey to give everyone the confidence, information and independence they need to access your location based on their own, unique requirements.

All your sales & marketing content in one easy to navigate place.

By showcasing your venue through our unique, inclusive marketing approach, new and existing customers will be able to maximise their time at your location, helping improve customer experience and revenue within your business.
With 85% of people from a recent accessibility survey stating they will check a company’s website first for access information. Of this 85%, nearly 50% state that if they don’t find any access information on the website they will automatically presume the venue is inaccessible and take their business elsewhere. It has never been so important to provide the right information online.
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