Inclusive Virtual Experience

What is an Inclusive Virtual Experience?

A virtual inclusive experience combines high quality 360-degree images with accessibility information to give your customers the confidence to visit your location and help promote you as a world-leading inclusive destination.
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Imagine being a customer with accessibility anxieties, or a carer for such a person. This could be an elderly person, a parent with a child/children or anyone with visible or non-visible disabilities. As much as pictures and text can describe and show certain elements of a location, it is still quite difficult to fully immerse yourself in that location without being there. This can lead to uncertainty in a customer visiting your business, or reservations whether to proceed with a booking or purchase.
An Inclusive Virtual Experience is designed to bridge this gap so your customer can familiarise themselves with your surroundings in a transparent manner. Your customer can look around your business as if they were actually there and find all the key accessibility information, giving them the confidence to visit your business or make a booking/purchase online. The virtual experience combined with accessibility information is a bespoke service for each individual business. It is highly customisable to suit the needs of your business. It can offer great comfort for anyone who has hesitations to visit your business either in person or online.

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  • 95% of people in a recent accessibility survey said that they try to find access information prior to visiting a venue.
  • 86% of these stated that when looking online, they find a business’ access information to be misleading, inaccurate or confusing.
  • 92% of people, when thinking about accessibility in the survey said that they do not feel very confident about visiting new places.
  • 85% find information about disabled access before they visit somewhere by checking the company’s website.
There is a growing demand for better access to information in regard to accessibility than what currently exists, and it may have a significant, negative impact on your businesses’ bottom line. Use our inclusive virtual experiences to give customers the confidence to visit your venue and enable your business to embrace this massive, emerging market.
Click here to find out what accessibility is and why being inclusive can benefit your business.
  • Inaccurate data has a direct impact on the bottom line of 88% of companies, with the average company losing 12% of its revenue.
  • Bad customer service is costing UK companies over £37bn a year.
  • 79% of people will avoid a brand or company if they have received poor service in the past.
A virtual inclusive experience allows your customers to have the best possible experience at your business. It provides a customer journey map from outside of your location at all the areas your customers are likely to use, allowing the user to virtually walk their entire experience within your venue. This means that the user will not have to rely on second-hand, or text based information and will know what to expect and exactly where they need to go once they arrive. Provide your customers the confidence, information and independence that will help grow your business.
  • Dealing with accessibility enquiries can take 4 times longer than general enquiries.
  • Contractors, temporary staff, visitors coming on-site? Show them the location before they arrive.
The virtual experience will display all the practical information to reduce the need for customers to contact your business directly. Furthermore, it can allow staff to understand one of your venues and/or locations without the expensive requirement of having to send them to each location individually. A great example of this are call centres, where many of the staff have never visited the sites they are having to answer questions about.
  • As the population and workforce continue to grow more diverse, companies will need to focus on creating company cultures, experiences and products that speak to a wide range of identities and perspectives, with a strong focus on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Everyone wants things to be simple, functional and easy to use, whether that is an app, a website or in-store experiences. Once you have inclusive design at the heart of your digital projects you will deliver better products and services – which is a vital part of how to improve your customers experience  and CSR of your brand.


  • In the UK, the spending power of disabled people and their households is worth £249bn per annum.
  • Globally, the accessible tourism market alone is an emerging market the size of China, with over £5.5tr to spend each year.
  •  86% of people are more likely to visit somewhere new if they can find relevant access information about the venue.
  • 70% of Europeans with accessibility needs have both the financial and physical capacity to travel
  • 86% are likely to make a return visit where somewhere has good accessibility and/or accessibility information.
Embracing the accessibility of your business is not only the socially responsible thing to do, it makes great business sense. Where else can you tap into an emerging market this size that can not only help grow your existing business, but also improve your customer experience for new and old customers.

Why use a  Inclusive Virtual Experience?

There is an increasing demand for instant, accurate and up to-date information online. If your business is not providing this, then this increases the chance of your customers going to someone else that does. Many people with enhanced accessibility requirements do not want to phone your business, or venture all the way down to your business on the off-chance it is accessible for them. They want to access your business with confidence.
The experience provides a clear and transparent guide for your customers that gives them the confidence to access your location. As well as being a powerful visual guide for your destination, you can embed audio support and specific access information about parts of your venue to help customers understand any access features restrictions that can be the difference between good and bad customer experiences.

How to build an Inclusive Virtual Experience?

Create Project Brief:
We start by mapping out what issues you are looking to resolve and how we can best help address them. Whether that is:
  • Improving your customer experience
  • Showcasing the accessibility of your business
  • Marketing your destination
  • Increasing revenue
Arrange Site Visit:
We then arrange a time to survey your venue, capture images and create a visual journey map of your location. We will then transform it into an interactive and engaging product that showcases your business.
Gather Access & Business Infomration:
We will embed all your customer accessibility information within the virtual experience to allow customers to easily find the additional details throughout each customer touch point.
All your marketing & sales content can then be embedded to increase customer retention and provide all this key information in one central location.
Design Virtual Experience:
The final part will be to use our in-house software and design programs to create your bespoke Inclusive Virtual Experience.
Once completed, we will work with you to get the Virtual Experience online in a way that works best for you. There will be no 3rd-party software required for you or your customers and it can easily be integrated onto your website and/or google street view.
For more information please read our FAQs.
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