What is a business virtual experience?

It is a virtual overview of your business that provides all your business information in an interactive and engaging format. It allows you to fully map out how someone can reach your destination, move around inside and access your services. By building in all your access information, you can create a more inclusive customer experience.

Cost does not have to be a barrier to becoming more inclusive.

An inclusive virtual experience does not have to be expensive. For many SMEs and independents it can be a matter of providing a return on investment with the first additional customer. Customers want to visualise and understand potential new experiences before they arrive.
A virtual experience on your website is a powerful way to tell your own unique story and engage your customer and encourage them to keep coming back. The accessibility sector has one of the strongest customer loyalty relationships out of all others.

Stand out in an ever increasing market place.

The longer your potential customers stay on your website, then the greater chance you have to share all the products and services you offer. Virtual experiences have shown to keep viewers on your website up to five times longer than standard material by engaging them with what services you have on offer, increasing conversions and improving your customer experience.
Being inclusive applies to every business, whether you are a SME, an independent or multi national. Customers want to feel appreciated and understand that you are trying to provide the best experience possible when they visit your business. In such a competitive market, this can be an important differentiator for why a customer comes to you and not someone else.
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Where do I start?

Many businesses either ignore or do not know how to engage with the accessibility market, one of the largest emerging markets in the world.
Ensuring you are an inclusive business is a continual effort involving many areas, but knowing where to start is often the hardest part.
Providing clear and transparent information to your customers on how they can access your business is an important step to becoming an inclusive business. Contact us to see how we can help you take this next step.
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