What is a corporate virtual experience?

It is a virtual overview of your business that provides all the key access information of your location in an interactive and engaging format. It is designed to help business start putting disability and inclusion on the business leadership agenda and encouraging a more diversive workforce.

Different disabilities using stick figure men

Create an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Becoming an inclusive employer needs to be a priority for all organisations, large and small. The most important step is to recognise the need to make a start.
In the UK, there are nearly 8 million people of working age with a disability with only an employment rate of 53%. For a comparison, the non disability employment rate in this same group is 81%.
Recent research found 82% of disabled respondents reported that their most pressing problem was finding a disability-friendly employer. This figure shows the importance for disabled candidates to have confidence in an organisation before they apply.
Furthermore, 80% said there was a lack of information in job adverts about workplaces and company polices regarding accessibility.

Start removing the barriers to disability employment

Having a diverse workforce doesn’t have to cost more. It may just mean a parking space near the office, flexible working, or shorter and more frequent breaks, none of which cost anything.
Many adjustments are quite small and providing the right information can give many people the confidence to apply for vacancies.
If you look at some of the largest companies in the world, you will see a growing prominence on inclusion being on the corporate agenda.
Diverse teams are higher-performing and more creative, and lead to better decisions for customers, while providing organisations with different perspectives to implement adjustments and long-term initiatives.

How can Virtual Inclusion help support my drive to be more inclusive?

One of the barriers to encouraging more candidates from the disability sector is a lack of information about the accessibility of a location and the confidence they will be able to navigate around the workplace.
An Inclusive Virtual Experience helps by allowing candidates to see the key areas of your premises and allows them to make an informed decision when making an application. Not only will they be able to see the layout of the area they will be working from, but also have the ability to see the inside of toilets, the layout of stairs/lifts, parking and nearby transport links.
Corporate Virtual Experiences are bespoke to each company based on the pains and challenges unique to them.
If you are interested in promoting inclusion within your workplace, get in touch to see how we can help.
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